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 FORUM RULES (please read)

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PostSubject: FORUM RULES (please read)   Mon Apr 12, 2010 3:48 pm

It is advised that you go over these before posting.
We hope that you respect and follow all the rules listed below.

----BE KIND----------------------------
Please be nice to the fellow members of this forum. We do not tolerate mean actions on this forum so if you dislike someone then do not speak to them. It's as simple as that. However if we do happen to catch you harassing someone you will get a warning first, keep at it and you will be banned temporarily and if you come back and do it again you will be banned permanently.

----NO MATURE CONTENT----------------------------
Any pornographic material of any type will not be tolerated. This is forum for anime, not porn. Keep it to yourself. If we find you posting any type of pornography on the boards it will grant you a permanent ban with no warnings.

----DO NOT POST ANYTHING OFFENSIVE----------------------------
Be respectful to the fellow members of this forum. The following is offensive things you could get banned for posting:

 Racial/ethnic slurs.
Bashing someone for their religion and/or sexuality.
Posting offensive photos/videos.

----TRY TO AVOID DOUBLE POSTING----------------------------
Please try to avoid double posting, as it tends to make the forum look messy and unorganized.

We do not tolerate spam. The things listed below are what we consider to be spam.

When one person posts again and again.
Posts filled with random letters or links.

----PLEASE FOLLOW THE SIGNATURE SIZE LIMIT----------------------------
The max size for a signature is 500 x 250.

  Failure to follow these rules will get you banned.
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FORUM RULES (please read)
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