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 Fan Club Rules

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PostSubject: Fan Club Rules   Fan Club Rules EmptyTue Apr 13, 2010 12:00 am

Please read these before starting a fan club (it is advised).

Try to stay on topic.
Do not treat a fan club like a convo thread. If you wish to chat with people then do so in the convo thread itself or message someone by PM/visitor messages.

No fan clubs for members of this forum (or any forum).
Only fan clubs for characters, music artists, tv shows and such are allowed. No fan clubs for forum members.

No anti-fan/hate clubs.
If you dislike a character then leave it at that, don't go around making anti-fan clubs. If we find any of these they will be removed immediately.

As always try not to double post.
It makes the forum look messy so please do not do it.

Do not post ecchi/pornography in the fan club.
We do not want any mature content on this forum. If we find that you have been posting ecchi/pornography in your fan club then your fan club will be closed and you will be banned temporarily. Post that stuff again (even if it's not in a fan club) and you will permanently be banned.

Follow the rules.
If you fail to follow one or more of these rules you will be warned. If you continue to ignore the rules your fan club will be closed.

Have fun.
I won't ban you for not following this rule, instead I will hug you.  Hug  If you're not having fun in a fan club then it's probably best for you to just leave that fan club. Cause in the end all a fan club is about is fun and enjoyment.

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Fan Club Rules
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